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Honours & Awards: The Engineering Institute of Canada

We are grateful to the sponsors that helped stage the 2014 awards gala in Ottawaon 15 March 2014.

Nominations for Awards:

Nominations of members of our member societies are solicited using the Nomination Form.

The awards fro 2014 will be presented in Montreal at the banquet of the EIC CCTC2015 conference to be held in the OMNI hotel, Montreal on 26 May 2014. Nominations for thes awards are due at the EIC office by 31 December 2014.
Nominations are reviewed by the HAF committee which makes the award recommendations to the EIC Council. 

Previous award winners may be found according to category by clicking on the award title below.

Sir John Kennedy Medal
Julian C. Smith Medal
K.Y. Lo Medal
John B. Stirling Medal
CPR Medal
Honorary Members
EIC Fellows

The Julian C. Smith Medal

Founded in 1939, to perpetuate the name of a Past President of the Institute,
The Julian C. Smith Medal is awarded for "Achievement in the Development of Canada".

Mr. Leonard Bateman

“"For Nelson River Hydro development and the first Canadian long distance DC transmission Line".” Citation

Dr. Greg Naterer

"“For leading a hydrogen research consortium of 8 institutions 5 countries and 6 industrial partners".” Citation

The K. Y. Lo Medal

Established by a former group of students in 1997 to honour Professor K.Y. Lo of the University of Western Ontario, this medal is awarded in recognition of significant engineering contributions at the international level.

IEEE Canada

Dr. Hussein Mouftah

"For seminal contributions to engineering science , computer engineereing and telecommunication networks"


The John B. Stirling Medal

Established 1987 during the Institute's centennial year honouring a former president, this medal is awarded in recognition of distinguished at the national level within the Institute and/or its Members Societies by my members of these societies,

Mr. Daniel Burns

"“For forty years of generous service to engineering at local and national levels and in particular, for leadership in EIC honors, awards and Fellows activites".” Citation

Honorary Members

The first Honorary Members were elected to the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers in 1889. Until 1973, the roll of Honorary Members included members of the Royal Family, Governors General of Canada, politicians, business leaders, Past Presidents of the CSCE and of the Institute, and other distinguished Canadian engineers and scientists.
Since 1975 however, Honorary Members were elected from non-members of the Institute and its Member Societies who had achieved outstanding distinction through service to engineering and the profession of engineering in Canada. There have also been non-engineers elected.

Chris A. Hadfield, Astronaut
"For exemplary dedication and outstanding contributions to ehe canadian Space Program and for bringing space back to earth by engaging Canadians acrosss the country".

Fellows of the EIC

The Engineering Institute of Canada normaly elects up to twenty engineers annually to the grade of Fellow for their exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada.:

IEEE Canada

Amir Aghdam

"“For significant contributions to the development of application-oriented techniques for control of multi-agend networks."


Dr. Nasser Ashgriz

"For outstanding contributions to Fluid Dynamics with widespread applications to industry and society"


Mr. Régis Bouchard

"Pour son travail comme pionner du développement de méthodes investigation géotechnique in situ et d'échantillonnage de haute qualité."
At this very special evening Gala, I would like to thank the members who submitted my nomination to the Institute and thank also the
members of the review committee that selected me to receive this prestigious recognition.
I chose a geotechnical career by chance. I first undertook a geological formation, supplemented by a stay in a French high school. This
course introduced me to the mechanics of soils and rocks. I then completed a Master of Science under the direction of Serge Leroueil. I
thank him, he was of those who have guided me in my career. I have never regretted my choice.
The profession of geotechnical engineer is extraordinary, a little unusual. It is full of challenge, the unexpected, but also uncertainty
and questioning. The geotechnical engineer must deal with natural materials, variables, properties, manufactured by Mother Nature materials
which, incidentally, are not studied in the Canadian Handbook on Foundations.
It is this variability that is the true challenge of geotechnical. This practice requires constant vigilance, supported by following the
rules of rigorous art. In this art, as it is indeed an art, there is room for innovation, observation, reflection and above all room for
humility. These are the values that have guided me in my practice.
Being recognized by my peers as a Fellow is of paramount importance, I am very proud and very grateful.
In closing, I thank my wife, my daughter and all the colleagues who accompanied me in my career since its infancy. I firmly believe in
team spirit, individually it is much harder to achieve our goals.
Régis Bouchard

IEEE Canada

Dr. Jie Chen

"“For entrepreneurial initiaves in radio and extensive publications".”


Dr. Jason Jiajjun Gu
“ "For contributions to mobile and surgical robots including network control
and tele - robots".


Mr. Leon Katz
"For pioneering in biomedicl engineering and the inventon and adaptaioon of
ingenious medical apparatus".


Dr. Sushanta Mitra
"For contributions to fluid transport in micro and nano-confinements and
their application to field deployable solutions for limited resource setting communities".


Mr. Charles R. Neill
“"For pioneering in river engineering & contributions to hydro technical engineering"”


Dr. Patrick Paultre
“"For contributions Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics"


Mr. Bruce R. Peachey
"For contributions to the separation of oil from water and for founding the Petroleum Technology Alliance"


Dr. Tarek Sayed
"For reshaping how road safety problems are identified and evaluated."”

IEEE Canada

Dr. Abdel Sebak
"For contributions to applied electromagnetics, antennas design and modeling"

IEEE Canada

Dr. Weiming Shen
"For outstanding contributions to agent-based collaboration technologies and applications."

IEEE Canada

Dr. Sahrokh Valaee
"For his work on distributed source localization a new research area
establishing him as a leader in signal processing".


Dr. S. C. Wirasinghe
"For leadership in engineering education, technical publishing and consulting roles".
> Citation


Dr.Gordon W. Wilson
"For important contributions to the management and mitigation of environmental risks in oil sands tailings and acid rock drainage."


Dr. Lloyd M. Waugh
"For .pioneering in the adoption of information & communication technologies in the Canadian construction industry".


Dr. Christopher Yip
"For outstanding teaching and research in Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering".


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