The Engineering Institute of Canada
Founded in 1887
Now a Federation of Twelve Canadian Engineering Societies

Honours & Awards: The Engineering Institute of Canada

Each year, the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) recognizes outstanding engineers amongst the membership of its member societies, both academic and industry based members, at an awards gala.

Come/help celebrate the exceptional career accomplishments of awards and fellowship recipients at the 2017 EIC Gala!

2017 EIC Awards - News Release

The 2017 Gala is a Black-tie optional award ceremony, including a reception (6 PM) followed by a sit-down 4-course dinner banquet (7:30 PM). It will take place on Saturday 1 April 2017 at the HILTON LAC-LEAMY Hotel, 3 Casino Boulevard, Gatineau-Ottawa, QC.

Gala tickets and sponsorships may be purchased by credit card. Please select an item below and click Add to Cart to proceed to the PayPal-secured online payment portal. Alternately, you may mail a cheque to the EIC Office.

Important notes:
(1) As of 25 March, there are only 13 tickets left. Please contact to confirm ticket availability prior to making online purchase.
(2) Once you have purchased tickets, please e-mail a note to specifying the full name of guest(s) for whom tickets have been purchased.
(3) Bring your receipt as your gala entry voucher.

Item Purchase (select one):

Hilton Lac-Leamy:
A limited block of rooms is being held at a special rate of $185/night until 28 February 2017 under group code "CTD". The hotel features free parking and is located adjacent to the famous Casino Lac-Leamy.

Dress rental:

New this year is an arrangement with RentfrockRepeat whereby ladies may rent dresses ahead of time (at a fraction of retail cost!). If interested, make sure to refer to Event Code EICICI17 when ordering.

The Senior Awards of the EIC are:

    The Sir John Kennedy Medal is awarded in recognition of outstanding services rendered to the engineering profession, or of noteworthy contributions to the science of engineering, or to the benefit of the Institute. Awarded once every two years.

    The Julian C. Smith Medal recognizes achievement in the development of Canada. Up to two medals may be awarded each year.

    The K.Y. Lo Medal recognizes significant engineering contributions at the international level. One medal may be awarded annually.

    The John B. Stirling Medal is awarded for leadership and distinguished service at the national level within the Institute and/or its Member Societies, by members of these Societies. One medal may be awarded annually.

    The Canadian Pacific Railway Medal recognizes many years of leadership and service by members of the Societies within the Institute at the regional, branch and section levels. Since 1990, one medal may be awarded annually.

    Honorary Memberships are offered to non-members of the Institute and its Member Societies including non-engineers elected by the Council of the Institute for having achieved outstanding distinction through service to engineering and the profession of engineering in Canada.

Nomination Campaigns

NOTE: The nomination campaign for 2017 awards was conducted in the fall 2016 and is now closed.

Nominations are reviewed by the HAF committee which makes the award recommendations to the EIC Council. Award nominations must be received by the EIC Office by midnight November 15 of each year in order to be considered for the following spring ceremony.

The nomination campaign for 2018 awards will be conducted in the fall of 2017. EIC member Societies are always encouraged to consider nominating their most deserving members in a manner that reflects the diversity of the Canadian engineering community.

Click here to download the WORD version of the Rules and Nomination Form

Click here to download the PDF version of the Rules and Nomination Form

Previous EIC Award Winners

Previous award winners are listed by category and may be found by clicking on the following titles:

    Sir John Kennedy Medal
    Julian C. Smith Medal
    K.Y. Lo Medal
    John B. Stirling Medal
    CPR Medal
    Honorary Members
    EIC Fellows

2016 Award Recipients:

The 2016 awards were presented at the EIC Gala held in Ottawa on 12 March, 2016. We are very grateful to the attendees and Sponsors who helped make the gala event a memorable occasion for the honourees and a resounding success.
Click here to download the 2016 Awards News Release

The Julian C. Smith Medal

Founded in 1939 to perpetuate the name of a Past President of the Institute, the Julian C. Smith Medal is awarded for "Achievement in the Development of Canada".

Dr. R. Douglas Hooton

“For contributions to developpment of concrete durability and environmental sustainability.”

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The K. Y. Lo Medal

Established by a former group of students in 1997 to honour Professor K.Y. Lo of the University of Western Ontario, this medal is awarded in recognition of significant engineering contributions at the international level.

M. Jean-Guy René

“For contributions to hydro development and transmission internationally”"

The John B. Stirling Medal

Established in 1987 during the Institute's centennial year honouring a former president, this medal is awarded in recognition of distinguished service at the national level within the Institute and/or its Members Societies by members of these societies.

Dr. Marc A. Rosen

“For his excellent leadership and service to the engineering profession.”

The Canadian Pacific Railway Engineering Medal

For years of leadership and service to the Institute at the regional branch and section levels.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Tournier
"For exemplary dedication and outstanding contributions to dam engineering and the profession ".

Fellows of the EIC

The Engineering Institute of Canada normally elects up to twenty engineers annually to the grade of Fellow for their exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada. Elected as Fellows in 2016 are:


Dr. Alidad Amirfazli

“For exceptional contributions to the role of surface tension, super-hydrophobic surfaces, and applications.”


Mr. Reg Andres

“For outstanding leadership and contributions to infrastructure asset management and practice in Canada."


Dr. Jonathan Beddoes

“For exceptional contributions to the advancement of intermetallics and superalloys, and leadership in education.”


Dr. Kamran Behdinan

“For outstanding leadership and contributions to multidisciplinary engineering design, innovation and education.”

IEEE Canada

Dr. Alexei Botchkarev
“For exceptional contributions to complex information management systems in health care and aerospace.”

IEEE Canada

Dr. Keith Brown
“For outstanding leadership and service to the nuclear and electrical engineering professions.”


Mr. Glen Carlin
“For exceptional leadership and contributions to the re-decking and rehabilitation of bridges.”


Dr. Gordon Fenton
“For exceptional contributions to river hydraulics centered primarily on the St. John’s River.”


Dr. Simon Hee-Chaung Foo
“For outstanding contributions to seismic risk mitigation, blast protection and sustainable buildings.”

IEEE Canada

Mr. Ibrahim Gedeon
“For exceptional leadership and contributions to internet protocole television and IT for health care.”

IEEE Canada

Dr. Wolfgang Hoefer
“For exceptional contributions to electromagnetic field theory and its engineering applications.”


Dr. Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi
“For outstanding contributions to advanced opto-mechatronic systems and application to robots.”


Dr. James A. Kells
“For advancing the understanding and mitigation of bridge scours and outstanding service to the profession.”


Dr. Hugh Liu
“For exceptional contributions to aircraft systems and controls including unmanned and fault-tolerant systems.”


Dr. Heather MacLean
“For exceptional advancement of life cycle assessment tools and application to various energy sources.”


Dr. John McPhee
“For outstanding contributions to system dynamics and application to biomechanical and mechatronic devices.”

IEEE Canada

Dr. Ha Nguyen
“For outstanding contributions to the field of digital communications and engineering education.”


Dr. Khaled Sennah
“For exceptional contributions to bridge engineering and rehabilitation and teaching excellence.”

Mr. David Woeller
“For exceptional contributions to in-situ testing and geotechnical site investigations.”


Dr. Jiujun Zhang
“For advancement of proton exchange fuel cell membranes and contributions to energy storage.”

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